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Dosimetry Pioneers since 1922
It all started with a brilliant invention – the famous Hammer dosemeter in 1922. Since then, PTW has grown into a global market leader of innovative dosimetry solutions, well known for its outstanding product and service excellence.


Modus Medical Devices Inc.

Founded in 2000, Modus Medical Devices Inc. develops and manufactures cost-effective and innovative quality assurance tools for advanced radiotherapy and medical imaging. Today, there are over 3,250 QUASAR™ phantoms being used in more than 1,900 leading treatment centres worldwide.


International Medcom, INC

IMI was incorporated as International Medcom Inc. in Palo Alto California in 1986, after several years of planning and product development work.  Like the Hewlett Packard Instrument pision (now Agilent), we moved from Silicon Valley to Sonoma County.  Our founding team included Physicist Joe Jaffe, formerly the Founder and Director of Instrument Research and Development at Smith Kine Instruments.  Joe led the team that developed early generations of ultrasonic imaging instruments that replaced x-rays as diagnostic tools for obstetrics and gynecology.  Co-Founder Dan Sythe (now CEO of IMI) joined Joe in developing and producing Doppler Fetal Pulse Detectors in the late seventies.  They also developed some innovative radiation detection instruments with a bright team that included Steve Weiss (IMIʻs founding and current Chief Electronic Design Engineer).  Radiation Detectors designed by the original team in 1979 are still popular today and have a reputation for long life and reliability.  Some new and bright software and hardware engineers have joined our team over the years, and we are embracing the advantages of promising new technologies to better serve our customers.

We at IMI are very happy that we have become an enduring presence in the field of radiation safety, contributed to the safety, knowledge and well being of large communities of people, and that our team has been able to make significant contributions to advancing the state-of-the-art in the radiation safety arena.

Environmental Monitoring



The noble gas xenon is produced in large amounts in a nuclear explosion. In an underground test xenon is most probably the only radioactivity that will be released to the atmosphere. The reason is that xenon is a noble gas, and will therefore not react chemically with the environment like other release products. In fact, for an underground test, radioxenon is most likely the only unmistakable proof that the explosion was nuclear.

This fact has prompted the development of a set of products with the purpose to measure very small amounts of radioxenon in the atmosphere, under the name SAUNA. The systems are capable to detect only a few hundred atoms of four different isotopes of radioxenon present in one cubic meter of air.